Deep Terror is our newest puzzle game featuring Cthulhu

 Published On February 29, 2016

In MEGO, we’ve always loved Puzzle games. We wanted to make one for quite a while, and we’re happy to tell you that Deep Terror is a simple, but difficult little game that is also free, because we love you!

In this eerie adventure you must use magical books to summon the beasts of the desert, shadow and sea; In each page there’s a powerful invocation spell, locked with a secret puzzle. To solve it the rules are simple: Different nodes need to be connected to each other in certain order, a number of times. Once everything is connected, you are one step closer to the end of your journey, or total insanity.

The last book unleashes the great Cthulhu, the terror that lies in the deep. This seems an easy task, but you will be challenged every minute into the path to the island of R’lyeh.

This time we are launching the iOS version first, with a port to Android coming later this year.

We think you’ll enjoy game as much as we did making it. Expect from us more mobile releases this year and the next one should be out in a couple of months.

Thanks for Playing!

You can get Deep Terror from the App Store here.