Inside our next Bitcoin-fueled game Hammercoin

About our next game: An RPG adventure for PC with a hidden story and a radical economy approach: digital currency.

 Published On November 24, 2016

The world of Khan

Hammercoin is set in the desert world of Khan, where life is rare and nature is ruthless. Take a look at the landscape and its deadly quicksand sea. Terrible beasts continuously spring from the eternal caves where there’s a mysterious force encompassing and usurping all energy from the land. Your mission will be to uncover the secret intentions of this mystical force and to learn the untold story of Khan.

Enter Bitcoin

We want our game to have lots of hidden stuff, in form of pieces of the story, fun adventures and of course loot. If we are succesful this will create a market of trading items and collectibles, and this is where we think we can make an important difference.

Game money is a lot more restrictive than like real-life hard-currency. Most games won’t allow you to trade or sell your game items for money, creating incentives for secondary markets and scams. This is a safe measure given the insane amount of stolen cards and other frauds, but this might give you a hint on why using credit cards for videogames is a bad idea: You trust the game owner with your payment credentials, and while this is fine when using Google, Facebook and Apple “wallets”, indie developers like us don’t have access to the same level of trust.

When using an open source descentralized currency to solve this problem, we also lift the restrictions of credit card money: players can transfer their funds out of the game, or trade between players directly.

How it works

For every new player in the game we create a game wallet. This is a standard Bitcoin wallet you can deposit funds via QR codes and transfer to any wallet service.

In every village there’s a trader bot, that sells and buy stuff from players which is also a Bitcoin wallet. Every time a player buys something the bot has more purchasing power for other player’s findings. When buying from a player, the player bot will try to resell the same item for double the price.

Getting items is easy, once you figure out how to kill the monsters coming from the underground to scare the hell out of the defensless villagers. Monsters drop out loot, depending on it’s level and complexity just like you would expect from the classic role-playing games.

We’ll be iterating over the specifics of game economy over time, But being all transactions of the game on the Blockchain will allow anyone to dig into the data and see how it works

Why Bitcoin

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is the most succesful, widespread used digital currency that meets our criteria (open source, descentralized).

We have been following closely the block size debate and while there are non-tivial limits about what we can do, we believe in the future of Bitcoin and its expansion. However, if some other coin gets popular and stable we are ready to open servers that trade in other currencies.

Early access

In the first months of development we were really focused on building a strong tech stack, with our own scripting engine and world editors. Thanks to the wonderful job creating those tools we recently started populating the game with places to go, dungeons and a fearful story. We also have a Bitcoin market for buying and selling items that is very close to stable. However, some things are still a bit weird and need fine-tuning. If you can’t wait to settle in the lands of Khan before anyone else, or you would like to support the development process, we have an early access program on

Purchasing early access for hammercoin will give you access to nightly builds and direct feedback with the game developers. It will also mean a lot to us as we try to position Bitcoin and digital currencies in the gaming community.

You can also follow more closely the development progress in the TIGSource forums