Hammercoin 0.8.2: The search for master Tyco II

Somewhere in the hottest desert a secret is waiting for you... If you can make it through the horrors of the night.

 Published On December 16, 2016

We’ve been hard at work designing the first levels of the game. In particular, your first mission, the search for master Tyco II: Finding him can be very hard but as a reward he will share a new fighting technique with you, the ‘Barbarian’s Rage’. The first of many spells we want to introduce in the game.

Spells are bound to special ‘elemental’ items, and choosing them wisely will amplify your fighting style in the game. Completing the Tyco quest will get you the first one.

Elemental items are only obtainable through completing missions and will not be sold or bought in the market.

To get to master Tyco II, pass through the sewers, the desert maze and a cemetery to the new lava desert map.

We also, old maps are expanded and re-balanced with new enemies.

Also in this version:

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