Hammercoin grows into a bigger adventure

Our frenetic online roguelike it's getting a big expansion. This time, in addition to adding new maps we are making the old ones bigger, with more with monsters and secret places.

 Published On September 06, 2017

We would like to tell you that we have been working hard on this new Beta 1.3.0. Our focus has taken on a new ground: make the maps bigger and better. New roads have emerged, the landscape has taken a more dramatic look, old structures have morphed into ruins and creatures have become more unpredictable.

The first level, Moonscape has now a capture point: A new fountain has been discovered on Thagörlad Ruins, unfortunately overrun by giant rats whose only purpose is to defeat the humans and take over the water. Your mission: Capture the fountain and destroy the enemies inside the point so you can open the portal that will carry you to the next map.

In Khan a new village has appeared and new characters will try to share their bizarre stories with you. The Oasis is the only water point in this dry and hot land. Orcs and monstruous insects are trying to get a hold of the wood of the Sun Tree.

Metal City, the deep and ancient mine has been taken by surprise and unfortunately there is no one else to go there and free it from the claws of the enemy! Go now and claim the only place where Metal is still relevant; so humans can become stronger and continue to explore the world beyond the visible.

Arm yourselves! Embark yourselves in the only mission we need: Find the WATER! Explore beneath the mist, under the earth, above sandsea level…

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