Welcome to Darkwinds, our new game of great pirates and cryptocollectibles

In collaboration with Tapinator, Inc. a leading publisher of mobile games and applications, today we announce the launch of Darkwinds, a revolutionary, blockchain-based card trading game.

 Published On April 02, 2018

Darkwinds is a competitive battle of bucaneers, sea monsters and voodoo magic, where the characters and abilities exist in the Ethereum blockchain. More specifically, as non-fungible tokens known as cryptocollectibles.

Our motivation is to sell digital card toys that are free to use, trade, sell or give away even outside our ecosystem, very much like a cryptocurrency. Card tokens are stored and secured by an Ethereum wallet like Metamask, and not in our servers.

The North Wind Edition

The story of this game starts with princess Eleanor, a young warrior that would have to board on a long journey though the seven seas in the search of her father, who disappeared after dark and sinister storm fell over his kingdom. In this adventure, the princess will have to fight against fierce pirates, powerful wizards and terrible creatures of the sea, who would do anything to stop the king to be back in his throne and to start a great war to take over the whole world.

Deck Packs

Card tokens are generated every time a player purchases a Deck Pack, containing 10, 25 or 50 random cards. Some are very rare (Gold), others almost impossible to obtain (Diamond). You can user our Card Explorer to follow up with the total circulation of cards in the game.

You can select your best cards to compose your Deck, fight other pirates in the online arena, and make your way up to the World Ranking.

Random card generation by smart contracts

Your Darkwinds deck pack contains random cards, and the card generation algorythm is a public immutable record on the Blockchain. This means the odds of rare cards appearing can be studied and track upon.

It must be noted that due to the lack of native random number generation in Ethereum, a user could be predict with a degree of confidence which card is going to appear next. In our whitepaper we discuss the outcomes of that specific scenario and a monte carlo simulation of card distribution.


If you are a trading card game fan, you already know how to play. If not, this is a perfect game to start: The simple battle mechanics are easy to learn but the diverse types of cards allow for deck combinations of different styles and many approaches to strategy.

Your objective is to take over the enemy ship, that has 10 life points. To do so, you will use the creatures, artifacts or spells in your Deck. All cards have an energy cost and in each turn you gey 1 energy point that to use wisely.

Now open

While the smart contract, cards, transactions and wallet interface is ready, We are Beta testing Online Play. You can buy your Darkwinds cards now at playdarkwinds.com and join the playtesting. Cards bought in beta phase are valid for all future editions of the game.